zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

War of the Spanish Succession

I am currently rebasing my entire 15mm SYW French army for the early 18th century conflicts.

Let me preface this by stating, the “French”, all Essex 15s, are from the European Armies listing of 1660 to 1745 and better suited for the age of Marlborough. I bought these intended for the WAS conflicts of 1745 campaigns in Italy. Returning to the Netherlands, we started collecting the SYW, so I did took the expedient route to combine the entire WAS collection into one huge French army. As our respective collections grew, my British, Prussian and Austrian armies were bought from Old Glory. Compared to my Essex “French” these are robust (17/18mm) and very animated when set against my stoic Essex “French”.

Replacing the “French” Essex with Old Glory had always been a long term project and this vacation period I finally decided to take action and get stuck in.

This brings me to the project of rebasing. I now have 20 DBA sized armies which will represent, French, Bavarian and Spanish to fight against the allied armies of the Dutch, Imperial/Austria, Britain, Prussia and Portugal with auxiliaries from Denmark, the German States and some Italian principalities; a huge assortment.

Repainting the figures has been minimal, mostly socks and cuffs, as I had battalions of red coat Irish and blue coat Scots and Germans added to the hordes of pearl grey coated “French”. I have though upgraded the quality of painting as I plan to sell part of the collection. I do not need twenty armies.

I had spent a lot of time gleaning examples of uniforms off the internet, and it seems the only feature that will make these armies distinct from one another are their flags. So I shall add four or five flags and standards to each army.
As large as the project may seem, with good planning, I should need a minimal amount to time each day. This should make the task enjoyable.

For those of you considering the WSS as a new venture, I shall post as many of the resources I have found online as well as photos of the various nations as they are done.


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Steve-the-Wargamer zei

I look forward to reading more... you may find my project page useful as it has the resources I've found to date??

Timurilank zei

I shall certainly reference your blog as some others. I was particularly fascinated with the lesser known campaigns of Spain and Italy.

I about two-thirds through the refurbishing of the figures (240 bases). Next step, flocking the bases and lastly the flags.


Ray Rousell zei

I'll follow with interest!

Soldadets zei


Have you any specific plans for those Essex 15s Frenchies? -I'm always needed of Two Crowns troops to mass against my own Imagi-Nation...

Timurilank zei


Eventually, half the collection will be sold as I shall have duplicates. At the moment, I am half way with adding details to the figures. Next step will be the flags.