woensdag 20 juli 2011

Maps for the campaign

Bautzen map:

One of the most time consuming aspects of campaign design is locating a suitable map for the intended area. Nowadays, the internet can offer so many resources from online libraries, blogs etc. I know I have spent a lot time sourcing the right map. Invariably, what I have found were either the correct area, but not enough detail, or quite the opposite, too much detail.

Silesian War map:

For the Bohemian Campaign of 1757, I was fortunate enough to find one map that fitted our requirements. The scale suited our recording of daily march moves from city to city and allowed sufficient maneuver room for additional columns. The forces for both sides were approximately 20 to 30 thousand strong.

Our Silesian campaign will have armies four times as large maneuvering over a smaller area, a corridor if you will. Between Glogau and Breslau, a distance of 61 miles (99 km). Duffy in his Army of Maria Theresa mentions armies marched on average 6 to 8 miles per day, with a full days rest after four or five days. In some cases this was exceeded, such as Hadik’s daring raid on Berlin.

The campaign opens on the 25th of August.. With the exception of the Prussian garrisons, the majority of Frederick’s forces are facing Charles in Lusatia. It is on this day that Frederick departs to Thuringia to deal with the Franco-Imperial army assembling there.

Dealing with Charles’ character.

Despite a very capable staff of Daun, Loudon, Lacy to name a few, the final decision to move against Bevern lay with Charles. One of the campaign goals is to simulate the indecisive nature of the Prince, the challenge for the Austrian commander is to create a few more victories before November 12..

Next week, the opening moves.

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