zondag 19 juni 2011

Mogul/Muslim Indians – with photos

The collection of Mogul and Muslim Indians are two/thirds complete. Based and some carrying standards, I have grouped the infantry and cavalry by type rather than separate them into their respective army. At completion, the composition will follow the DBA-RRR lists for Mogul and Muslim Indian with a host of options.

I lack now only the artillery, Rocketeers, Camel gunners and elephants which will account for another 24 elements. My goal is to have both armies complete, 36 elements a side, by the end of July. I have recently picked up another Essex army pack at the Fanaticus Bazaar; these will be painted as Afghans, mercenaries and other hill tribes.

In preparation for the last stage, I have started scratch building six bombards. Photos will appear in my next posting here.


These (Old Glory) represent the trained infantry armed with matchlocks.

Bowmen from Old Glory and Essex.

Levies, pikemen and Hill tribesmen. All Essex.

Hill tribesmen skirmishing.

Group photo with General.

Mansabar cavalry with Arab and Turkoman mercenary light horse.

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Ray Rousell zei

Very nice!!!

Timurilank zei

Thanks Ray. Bombards for these armies are done. All that remains is a final order to Essex for the crew, elephants, zambuk gunners and rocteteers.