zondag 19 juni 2011

Mogul/Muslim Bombards

I searched various manufacturers of bombards for my Indian armies and decided the best route was to scratch build. From the Osprey book covering the Mogul armies, there is one illustration of a bombard being pulled by oxen. Four solid wheels nearly the height of the crew with a flat-bed carriage (?) supporting a large barrel. There are many examples of this type of gun in Indian and Persian art of the period, so all I needed to do was look about for suitable materials.

The wheels are Games Workshop plastic shields. I had plenty of these extra. Balsa wood for the bed, dowels for the axels, I now needed only the barrels. This was solved by using the plastic sleeves from old paint brushes. All that remained was body putty to simulate the rings along the barrel length and rope to add extra support, gun was complete. In the evening, I spray painted an undercoating, let dry overnight and splashed paint on the models the following afternoon– done!

Excess body putty I rolled into neat cannon balls and coiled extra lengths as rope.

This coming week, I should have two orders of miniatures arriving. Now the work bench is cleared and ready for next.


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El Grego zei

Very nice. I especially enjoy seeing the use of materials that others would just throw in the trash - well done!

Timurilank zei

With all the work involving body putty, I now have a large inventory of stones.

Anymore excess, I think I shall attempt something else, buckets, or broad leafed cactus for Spain:



greatwhitezulu zei

great stuff!