maandag 2 mei 2011

More Mogul infantry - matchlock men

Finished 52 “matchlock men” for my Mogul and Muslim armies. These were a delight to paint and I was able to experiment with colour and wash technique.

Before adding colour, I usually outline or add folds to clothing and turbans in dark brown paint. I will paint white the areas between folds so whichever colour I select will become vibrant (the undercoating is gray). After the colour, I would highlight the clothing and turbans with a lighter shade or feather the location with white paint. After varnishing the figures, this will look even better.

I left the “trained” battalion with basic white and coloured only the turbans and sash, but decided this looked too bland and quickly played with some colour combinations on a white card. The last photo shows the final “uniform”. I shall be basing these later this week as I am out of basswood. In the meantime, I can begin preparing the next lot; the Mogul and Muslim cavalry.


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Ray Rousell zei

Great stuff!!

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Thanks for the recognition Lluís. Having read this item from Google and the current thread at TMP, I shall wait awhile to participate:


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