vrijdag 6 mei 2011

Mogul/Muslim Cavalry

These cavalry figures are 15mm Essex. Taken from a variety of Arab/Persian/Saracen listings, they will represent the majority of the non-elite Mansabdar and Mamluks. At a later date, I will add similar figures but riding barded horses as elite cavalry.

As with all my painting projects, I started with hands and faces, then lances. Mixing black and gray I covered the helmet, mail and shields. Now for the tedious part. Mixing black and dark brown, I painted folds and outlined areas that would take bright colours; clothing, saddlecloths, bow cases, and quivers. As I undercoat all my figures with gray spray paint, I highlighted the areas between folds with white. When bringing colour for clothing or leather parts, I would do this with a thin wash. All 33 riders neatly done, I moved on to the horses.

With six horses mounted to a plinth I wanted nice range of colour from light to dark or dun to roan. Repeating the same colour on each plinth, I finished the basic horse rather quickly. Next, with thin black, I washed tail, mane, socks and nose for all the horses. What a difference. Last step, with bleached bone, I dry brushed the horse; mane and tail first, then the socks, body and last, the nose. This probably takes less than 10 minutes. Add a black lozenge for the eyes and the horse are complete. As with the rider, I painted harnesses, breast straps and belts in white so my colour will stand out better.

Next posting, adding colour.

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