zaterdag 30 april 2011

18th Century – Rajahs, Sultans and Nawabs

Since my last posting, my dice and measuring sticks have been replaced by my paint brushes. I had been commissioned to paint a 15mm Early Medieval Russian army for DBA use; this can be viewed at my Agora Blog. I was so pleased with the results that I dived into my "to do" list for my 18th century period; Indian armies. In fact, I am looking at collecting three different armies, the Mogul, Muslim and Hindi armies.

The photo shows the finished foot which will represent the Hillmen, Archers and Levy. The figures are Old Glory figures from the Crusader period which have similar clothing style to Mogul and Muslim infantry. The colours are taken from contemporary illustrations and toned down a bit to give a bleached effect. I used similar technique with highlight and shading as I did with the Russians; again I was very pleased with the results.

Next on the list are the matchlock armed figures. These are also Old Glory, but from the Colonial series. I decided to purchase new packs than strip away Ansar riflemen from my Sudanese army and to my surprise, Old Glory have added bayonets. This actually is good, as if you wanted to add Sepoys to the European armies, these would be bayonet armed. However, mine would not have them, so I clipped them off.
TIP: clip only half the bayonet, and trim the musket to have a longer barrel (jezzails).
As you can see from the roster, OG deliver a variety of figures, so my Bunduqchis and Jezailichis will look animated.

If you are interested in 18th century India, I highly recommend looking at GreatWhiteZulu’s blog; Golconda Rising. There is a wealth of information and a treasure trove of lovely photos.

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mekelnborg zei

You didn't say how big these are; I have to guess the plan is the same rules as used previously?

Golconda Rising is good, he makes it come to life.

Timurilank zei


All foot figures are 15mm Old Glory figures and the cavalry, which I shall start painting this week are mostly Essex.

They will be based for WRG 1685-1845, but as you can guess, these will have their baptism with the DBA variant.

Matchlock men are nearly done.