woensdag 9 maart 2011

Britain and Spain clash in South America.

This was part of my experimenting with the DBA variant for the SYW, an action between a British expedition into Spanish held Venezuela. The time period is correct, but historically, the two nations did not meet there. The experiment gave my collection of Tropical terrain pieces an excuse to come out of the box and be photographed.

The two forces were similar in composition, 2/3 rds line troops with the remainder Militia for the Spanish and Native auxiliaries for the British. There was enough disordering terrain to keep the auxiliaries and skirmishers happy and the line troops did their best to deploy with ample room for the artillery to be employed.

Photo one, the initial deployment. The British were hampered by rough ground and so had to deploy their strength on either side. Presented with maneuvering room on their left, the British would force the Spanish to wheel away from the village and pin them with their backs to the marsh. The Spanish plan was simply deny the British the room to maneuver and bring as many muskets to bear on their columns.

Photo two, despite low pip throws for both sides, by turn three, the Spanish are able to take advantage of the open ground and deploy their battle line from the marsh on their left and the village on their right. Spanish militia was able to counter any threat through the marsh, by Native auxiliaries and secure the village. The British, despite the terrain, were able to deploy into two lines and would bring pressure on the Spanish right. The British battery had a clear field of fire during the assault.

Photo three, for the next five turns, both sides would struggle to maintain their battle lines. The Spanish were quick to recover and maintain a steady volley fire along the entire line. Even the militia, covering the Spanish left was able to inflict damage upon the British auxiliaries. The British plan to push the Spanish onto the marsh had evaporated in the tropical heat and shifted to one of survival.

Photo four, turn nine and end of game. The Spanish wall held and the infantry methodically chipped away at the brick red line forcing the British to accept defeat. Behind the closed doors of the British Ministry, new plans were put in place to undermine Spanish holdings in the Caribbean; new raids were put in place, arms shipments to rebel enclaves and paid for by the goods shipments seized by the Royal Navy.


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Ray Rousell zei

Very interesting idea, nice photo's too.

Timurilank zei

Thanks for the comment. You will like next week's posting of another battle set in Aftica.


Dale zei

Nice table and figures, Robert. Love the flags too. Glad to see someone still using DBA-based rules for horse & musket.

Timurilank zei


As we primarily use the WRG 1685-1845 rules set for the SYW, the DBA option opened an opportunity to explore other areas of 18th century conflict without a huge investment.

Just check the Christmas shopping list for the 18th century: