maandag 9 augustus 2010

Audencia de Caracas - an Indian uprising

The Melnibonéan war council convened and proposed that some form punitive action was required if the piracy by Young Kingdoms at the outer rim of the archipelago were to cease as neither the Sea King and his servants nor could the skills of the various colleges be expected to staunch every incursion. The Emperor agreed to some punitive action should be undertaken, but laid several conditions; no one must know must know from where the expedition was launched and by whom. This required finesse and the Emperor recommended this be a task for General Mak’velli, the Grey.

The following week, a Melnibonéan brigade with detachments set sail for Nuevo España.

Two weeks later, Father Ignacio had given his blessings to the Spanish troops auxiliaries ready to depart Caracas for the interior. Reports of an Indian uprising were filtering in from various directions. Even the Jesuits had sent their own priests with messages to send help as fire and destruction were seen taking village after village out near the Orinoco basin. Regular infantry, volunteer militia and Indian scouts were sent to capture the leaders and suppress any further out break by the Indians.

On the sixth day after departing Caracas found the Spanish marching along the King’s highway, regulars followed by the volunteers and loyal Indian scouts ranging further ahead, reported a small party of rebels were seen scampering away.

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