woensdag 28 april 2010

From the contributions I decided to revise my order of battle to reflect this practice.

Fml. Freiherr von Wollwarth
Brigade of Cavalry
CR 8 Pálffy trained 3 sqds
CR 21 Trautmansdorff trained 3 sqds
DR 28 Sachsen-Gotha trained 2 sqds

Fml. Graf zu O’Donnell
Brigade of Cavalry
CR 29 Brettlach trained 3 sqds
CR 33 Anspach trained 3 sqds
DR 31 Löwenstein trained 2 sqds

Fml. Marquis de Spada
Brigade of Cavalry
CR 14 O’Donnell trained 3 sqds
DR 26 Althann trained 3 sqds

Fml. Graf Plettenberg
Independent formations
Mounted Grenadiers elite 1 sqd.
Carabineers elite 2 sqds.

Not listed here are the 10 squadrons of Hussars, which form the advance guard along with 3 battalions of Grenzers.

Standards for the above listed regiments can be found at La Galerie de Royalfig

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