dinsdag 20 april 2010

Austrian Cuirassiers

At the opening of the Seven Years War, Cuirassier regiments were of 6 squadrons, including an elite troop of carabineers. Strength could vary from 800 to 1000 troopers, so using our figure ratio of 1:25, this would equate to between 40 and 50 figures. Far too big to form a line on our 4 x 6 table. However, battlefield conditions reduced this number to nearly half as at Kolin. (Osprey’s Kolin calculates 465/sqd.)

Using the approximate strength of 450, this brings the figure total per regiment to 18. So in essence, the three squadrons I have listed are in actuality 3 “divisions” of 2 weak squadrons each.

Sorting out three bags of Austrian cuirassiers; each row will be glued to a plinth for undercoating and painting.

2 opmerkingen:

Eli Arndt zei

Those are nice-looking. Old Glory?

Timurilank zei

Eli Arndt,

These indeed are Old Glory Austrian cuirassiers. 16 to a pack and usually an extra rider is added to the set, those are seen in the second photo.

My regiments are 18 figures strong, which means I have to plan ahead in building an army. In this case, the extras formed the Carabinier squadrons.