vrijdag 1 januari 2010

The Stage

I just started this a few weeks back, so have not thought too much about names for generals or leaders. Garrisons are placed along the length of the Orinoco River, serving as a sword stroke deep in Indian territory. Two line battalions supported by local militias are at the heart of the defense and eventually, the coastal cities will have their own garrisons, with a central reserve located in Havana.

The last named on this list are irregular lancers, the Llaneros. Under the leadership of Boves, the” Legiones Infernales” were extremely ruthless in crushing rebellious regions and technically, auxiliaries of the Spanish, they were very independent and could equally turn on their master without the slightest provocation. In this scenario, they will not have reached that level of behavior, but will simply serve as scouts.

With the playing field laid out, the period is set for a time of commercial expansion, colonization, enforced migration or slavery of the native population, semi-annual treasure convoys harassed by raiders and signs of a distant conflict back home.

More later.

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tradgardmastare zei

inspiring figures and set up...

Timurilank zei

Alan, Thank you. I was just talking about the new structures that need to be built; a hacienda for the Don, labourer's village, and plantation buildings.

More native Indians are on the way.