donderdag 19 november 2009

“Bring on the empty horses”

The quotation comes from David Niven’s biography. While filming “The Charge of the Light Brigade”, director Michael Crutiz, a Hungarian film director wanted a scene with rider-less horses galloping across the screen and is asks for the “empty horses”. Since reading the biography, that quotation lingers in my mind while painting cavalry. Good film and the biography is a good read.

Cavalry… four squadrons of Cuirassiers and one of Carabineers and augmenting my Austrian infantry are the two combined grenadier battalions and two battalions Sincere. Flags and standards were glued in place. Furling the flags helps when the glue is still drying. There is an elastic gold colour thread which is ideal for the cording which hangs over the flags. I shall check a few stores in town and ask about. This would set the flags off nicely.

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