zaterdag 31 oktober 2009

Sinking your teeth into the Austrians

My next project were the two battalions of IR 54 Sincere. I selected this regiment as it was present at Reichenberg and would historically fit in our campaign. Looking at the details I had some misgivings about handling the hat details, as unique to this regiment are the extra hat confection of bobs, pompom and scalloped hat lace.

Regiments with scalloped hat lacing, during the SYW, were certainly in a minority.

IR 3 Lothringen
IR 21 Prince d’Aremberg
IR 26 Puebla
IR 28 de Wied
IR 29 Loudon
IR 36 Kinsky
IR 41 Bayreuth
IR 54 Sincere

I fielded the question at TMP of how others painted scalloped hat lace. The response was nearly unanimous, seek another regiment.

Forging ahead
Painting the basic uniform took very little time. Painting the grenadiers and other German line I had developed a nice routine. Now the hat.

As the bobs and pompom were colours other than white, I painted these areas in thick white paint. Later, I would paint these as yellow and red, so I wanted a good background surface to work with.

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