zaterdag 31 oktober 2009

Scalloped hat lace

Looking at the Vinkhuizen Prints, the scalloped lace has a round lower edge. I would paint “teeth” around the rim of the hat. The rear was easy, however, the forward sections made deep curves and the edges were not a distinguishable as the rear. Application became somewhat a hit and miss. As always, the second battalion is better than the first.

Note: In the photo (an in-between stage) the lacing was smoothed out to give a rounded and even edge during the touch up phase.

2 opmerkingen:

Bluebear Jeff zei

Something that I did years ago with some ancients might help here.

I used one of those "eraser pencils" (the kind that have an eraser core instead of graphite).

The key is that they have a "soft" tip and are nicely round. I would dip the tip of the eraser pencil into paint and dab it on.

For scalloped hat lace, I'd just dab it along the hat edge with only half of the tip . . . I think that it would work rather well.

-- Jeff

Timurilank zei

If I paint up the 1.Leibgarde, I shall try that technique.