zondag 25 oktober 2009

Old Glory 15mm Hungarian Grenadier

SYA4 Hungarian Grenadier have a bit more panache in their posture than their German counterparts. The figures are nicely detailed including nice lines for the optional trim. Painting these were a breeze, as there were no hidden pockets or spots you would normally miss. The bearskins have a slight recessed spot for a brass plate and in a recent TMP exchange, these did not become uniform until mid war and then these decorations were the option of the Inhaber. The same held true for the trim added to the cloth bags.

Combined Hungarian grenadier battalion are from regiments
IR 37 Joseph Esterházy (2 bns) and
IR 51 Guylai (2 bns).

Combined German grenadier battalion are from regiments
IR 27 Baden Durlach (1 bn.),
IR 29 Alt-Wolfenbüttel and (1 bn.)
IR 54 Sincere (2 bns)

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