zondag 12 april 2009

Update: SYW Austrian, 2nd week

A second order of miniatures arrived early this past week; 2 packs of Dragoons, 1 of Grenzers and Hungarians. With the first order completely painted, I proceeded to clean and prime the Grenzers. Looking at the completed units; 2 German, 2 Hungarian and 2 Grenzers, I decided a bit more variation in uniforms would be nice. Leaving the Warasdiner and Karlstädter Liccaner at one battalion each, I would paint a battalion each of the Karlstädter Oguliner and the Slavonische Peterwardeiner. This would give me red, blue, white and brown jacketed Grenzers.

Saturday morning and both battalions are now complete and varnished. While these are drying , I unpacked the dragoons for cleaning and priming.

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Prinz Geoffrey zei

Congrats on the progress. Look forward to reading more.

18th Century Sojourn zei


I should finish the Dragoons in the morning and will make a start with the last Hungarian regiment of two battalions.

Texturing the bases and flags will be the next series of postings.