zondag 19 april 2009

Part four, 18 April, 2009 Update: SYW Austrian, 3rd week

All battalions and squadrons are now mounted on their basswood bases. I use a 1.2 mm triplex which has a one side treated and the underside rough. In all the years of basing figures, I have tried various methods, but have found wood glue and sand the best. The mixture adds a bit of weight to the base which is nice when moving them about the table top.

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OttoMunoz zei

3 weeks into the project and you're almost completely done? !!!! I am sooo far behind on my own projects!

18th Century Sojourn zei

I try to set a goal to paint one colour each day. Flesh, first day, brown, the next day for the musket and water bottle, etc.

Some colours may need more time, but the goal is each day, to do one colour; weekends I may do two.

Keep to a system and you will see your armies grow.

Good luck with your projects.