vrijdag 24 april 2009

Part five, 25 April, 2009 Update: SYW Austrian, 4th week

“Shake and Bake” technique

Heki, Busch and Faller have a variety of grass shades and lengths which work well. Whichever you select place a good amount in a sandwich bag. The next step requires a bit of dexterity as you will need to hold the base while it is inside the bag. The fiddly part is to have enough room inside the bag that the grass can move about as you are shaking the bag while holding securely the figure.

Shaking the bag about for 5 seconds or more, you can take the element out and tap the loose fibers back into the bag. You will find the grass will stand upright and all loose fibers are contained within the bag and not on your clothes.

So, with the bases treated the last step are the allocation of flags to the battalions and squadrons.

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OttoMunoz zei

awesome work man!
I've been keeping an eye on your SYW project.


18th Century Sojourn zei

Thank you for your kind words. The flags were completed last night, so all battalions, squadrons and command elements have their standards. I shall take photos tomorrow morning and post these this weekend.

We had our second battle of the Invasion of England campaign today. But, prior to the battle, I did present the Austrians and my friend mentioned, he had also been following the blog and was impressed by the methodical effort of recording the process and finally leading to the end result.

Looking back on it all, I enjoyed documenting this. Plans are already made for expansion to add Cuirassiers, Grenadiers and German infantry.