zondag 5 april 2009


Over the many, many years of painting figures, I have found my preference for style has changed. Humbrol and turpentine, oils and now Acrylics; out of the pot, thinned with water, thinned with mineral free water applied over a white , beige, or grey undercoat

Acrylics applied in thin coats over a white undercoat worked best, but the problem with Austrians, I have areas which are white one white, so I experimented with a grey undercoat to add some depth. The sequence of colours seems to be a personal preference, but I start off with flesh, followed by browns for the hair and muskets.

Using dark grey, I outlined the cuffs, turnbacks and added the folds, which I usually do afterwards. When painting breeches, coats and waistcoats, I work between the outlines and blocked off areas. The same dark grey is used for leather items, such as shoes, scabbards, cartouches, musket barrels and bayonets, however, the hat is black.

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