zondag 12 april 2009

Mellow Dragoons

The Austrian Dragoons, by contrast with their Prussian counterparts, are quite at ease. Some troopers have their swords resting across their saddles, some upright, even the drummers have their instruments slung across their backs. What I did not expect were the two Grenadiers per pack. I had not planned for this, but with four mounted Grenadiers I was forced to think about an additional pack of Dragoons to complete a squadron of six. These are beautiful figures and well detailed in bearskins with plate and cloth bag.

Adjusting my original order of battle for the Grenzers and additional Dragoons, the amended list looks like this:

FzM Graf von Collorado
Major General Freiherr von Beck
GHR Karlstädter Gz. Hussars 5 sqds.
GHR Slavonische Gz. Hussars 5 sqds.
GIR 64 Warasdiner Creuzer 1 bn.
GIR 68 Slavo.-Peterwardeiner 1 bn.

Fml. von Puebla
Brigade of Infantry
IR 27 Baden Durlach 1 bn.
IR 37 Joseph Esterházy (Hun.) 2 bns.
IR 51 Guylai (Hun.) 2 bns.

Fml. Freiherr von Wallwarth
Brigade of Infantry
IR 29 Alt-Wolfenbüttel 1 bn.
GIR 60 Karlstädter Liccaner 1 bn.
GIR 63 Karlstädter Oguliner 1 bn.

GFzM. Marquis Castiglione
Brigade of Cavalry
DR 26 Althann 2 sqds.
DR 28 Sachsen-Gotha 2 sqds.
DR 31 Löwenstein 3 sqds.
Mounted Grenadiers 1 sqd.

10 battalions, 18 squadrons

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