vrijdag 3 april 2009

Building an Austrian Army in 15mm

My initial interest in 18th century warfare centered around the Italian campaign during the War of the Austrian Succession, Austrians against French with planned expansion for allies for both sides. One massive sea of white coats. Later, with the Prussian collection, I decided to mass all that white under one flag; the French. 26 battalions (24 ea.), 41 squadrons (6-9 ea.), 28 gun French army does not usually shy away from the Prussians.

I returned to the Austrians, but with a different objective. In my 18th century world, the campaigns against the Ottomans would take place at a later date and this would give me an reason to collect an ideal frontier force of Germans, Hungarians and Grenzers.

Before placing an order, I design an order of battle which to base my purchases around.

FzM Graf von Collorado

Major General Freiherr von Beck

GHR Karlstädter 5 sqds,
GHR Slavonische 5 sqds.
GIR 64 Warasdiner Czr 2 bns

Fml. von Puebla

Brigade of Infantry
IR 27 Baden Durlach 1 bn.
IR 52 Bethlen (Hun.) 2 bns.

Fml. Graf zu Wied

Brigade of Infantry
IR 29 Alt-Wolfenbüttel 1 bn.
GIR 60 Karlstädter 2 bns.

GFzM. Graf zu Wied

Brigade of Cavalry
DR 13 Jung Modena 2 sqds.
DR 31 Löwenstein 3 sqds.

This list has been divided into two purchases. This first has arrived today and one pack of Austrians has been cleaned and undercoated, while the second pack has sorted into two battalions of Hungarians. One plinth has the CinC and one of the brigade commanders. The Grenzers will be cleaned and primed, after the Austrians have been completed.

This “Frontier Force” will serve as a solid basis with which to expand on; such as adding a cuirassier brigade or two, additional German and Hungarian infantry. Each battalion has its complimentary gun and a battery of heavy guns.

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