zondag 5 april 2009

Bloody @!%, moustaches!

The Hungarians were my next units, with white coats and blue breeches and waistcoats, I experimented with washes for all items in blue. After painting the flesh, hair, muskets and knapsacks, outlining belts, boots and cartouche, I applied a blue wash to the breeches. The folds were immediately picked out and raised items became lighter. The grey undercoat worked much better than white. Waistcoats next and adding more pigment , I finished the facings and Litzen.

Nearing completion, I always find an item is missed; a hand, a cuff, etc. Double checking my resources, I noticed all representations of Hungarians had moustaches, including the officers. Bloody hell, that I did not need. Previous attempts ended with a pencil thin stroke on one half followed by a walrus style on the other side. I needed to change something, or 50 Hungarians would not be done.

Solved: I changed the colour from my usual black (waxing) to dark brown. For some reason the paint worked much better. The brush retained its point and the paint flowed better.

2 opmerkingen:

Bluebear Jeff zei

I also HATE painting moustaches . . . the ones I paint never look right to me.

-- Jeff

18th Century Sojourn zei

I know the feeling. I have tried, with the figure upside down, brush stroke from right to left and other combinations. Something magic happened when I changed paint, from black to dark brown.