donderdag 30 april 2009

The Austrian Army complete

If you check the blog archive of 12 April, you will note the revised list has more Grenzers listed and an extra Hungarian regiment of two battalions. After discovering grenadiers were included in the Austrian Dragoon packs, I decided to create a squadron of elites.

Photo one
The vanguard lists two 5 squadron units of Grenzer Hussars with two battalions of lights. You will note in photo one and three, the Grenzers battalions have standards; these can be found at the Leuthen Journal. The Grenzer Hussars are uniformed in an older style; these are Essex early 18th century range of figures.

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Jamie zei

Hmmm, grenzers with standards. I guess the imagi-nation Courland Pandur battalion may have to get itself a small command group with a nice standard.


18th Century Sojourn zei


Here is the link to Grenzer flags:

The site has flags for other nations. The flags are hypothetical, however, they would work very well for an imagi-nation unit.